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Art & architecture - specializations translation and interpretation

Translation of poems and novels

We know how valuable a poem can be for its author and for people who identify themselves and love specific verses. Fortunately, with the proliferation of blogs, web forums, and communities around the world, there is more and more poetry and novels that people write and read.

The “Scheller Translations” team not only enthusiastically follows the development of culture and art, but plunges with great pleasure into the field of professional translation of poems and literature. Working on various translation projects for passionate poets who would like to share their creations with the world, we learned many the special requirements associated with literature translation.

Since we work all over the world online, our team consists of highly qualified translators, linguists and native speakers of many languages, which allows us to translate poetry and literature preserving its spirit and intentions intact. We are confident in providing high-quality poetry translation services at moderate prices and fast timeline deliverance.

Translation of architectural and construction documentation

In the period of active international investment, the development of construction and architecture, those project managers are not always residents or native speakers of the customer’s country. Scheller Translations team provides its services particularly for mutual understanding between the customer and the contractor whether these are negotiations or documentation involved.

For example, a customer from Germany needs a project in the UK involving an architect from Russia. During the design, you will need to translate the recommendations and wishes of the customer, documentation for the relevant authorities for building permits and much more. We are ready to help you with all these services and make your routine easier.