Business - specializations translation and interpretation

Translation of business documentation

The text of business documents often contains formalized terminology and structure, therefore for their professional translation experience and knowledge of special issues are required. The quality of translation of business documents has a significant impact on the image of the company.

Business documentation often requires in addition to its translation the authentication and therefore giving the translated text the status of an official document.

CV translation

The requirements for the CV translation are growing every day due to the ever-growing number of people who want to work or collaborate on projects in foreign countries. For example, an American researcher working with his Russian colleague living in Russia may require a resume translation from his colleague. This is only one of many cases where such a translation may be required.

CV translation has its own set of unique tasks. First of all CV is a document and requires a professional translator to have significant knowledge of his subject, as well as it is extremely important that all unique terms and concepts are precisely translated and conveyed.