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Translations for charities

Charity is a very broad concept, which includes not only the help provided in the form of volunteering, but also donations – both in material and financial form. Therefore, in order to avoid mistakes, it is necessary to remember that all actions aimed at providing material or financial assistance are called charity, and this type of help makes us not volunteers, but philanthropists.

Many foundations, organizations that are engaged in charity, rely on translation services to achieve their goals. For some, translation is a way to attract new stakeholders. For others, this makes it possible to establish new contacts with suppliers or manufacturers, as well as the opportunity to disseminate information about the work of the charitable organization and the results achieved.

“Scheller Translations” offers translation services for reports, statistics, and websites of charitable organizations around the world. We work with a wide range of language pairs, so we will be the perfect choice to help you with the translation.