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Translation of video games, websites, applications

The video game industry has expanded over the years to the global consumer market, while being developed and programmed around the world. Germany, Russia, France, and many other countries often need to localize video games in order to distribute and sell video games developed by local companies. From Russian to English and English-Russian translation for video games is often requested by software and game developers. To keep up with the competitive market, which is constantly evolving in the field of technology, developers and programmers of video games must be prepared for their video games to be transferred to the world market. Statistics have repeatedly shown that when any website, software or video game is available in the consumer’s native language, they buy 4-5 times more often, even if they speak English. The only way to maintain a competitive advantage and ensure a stable presence in the modern video game market is their translation and localization.

To get an estimate of the localization of a game or website, just contact us by phone or write in the feedback form. Within a short period of time, you will receive an offer with our competitive prices.

Translation of video games can be divided into several types:

  • simple translation of a text or document, for example, for many simple gaming applications for phones or children’s computer games.
  • a complete localized translation that includes all user guides, dialogs, user interfaces, video game instructions, and more.

Smartphone application translation

Today, Android is the world’s largest mobile operating system that provides mobile phones operations around the world. Compared to iOS, Android is significantly more popular in emerging markets, making it a global operating system for many users. Its wide distribution has provided a new market for application developers for smartphones, allowing them to develop applications for different countries.

The globalization of the smartphone app market poses a number of challenges for developers who want to enter foreign markets. Perhaps the most difficult task that developers face is accurately translating and localizing their application so that their new audience can use it in their own language.

Scheller Translations has multiple years of experience in providing professional application translation services, and by contacting us you can be sure that the translation of your application is in professional hands.

Site localization is the process of ensuring that a site matches a specific audience and goes beyond translation by changing elements such as currencies and units. Localization may include changing images, colour schemes, payment service providers, etc. The ultimate goal of localization is to ensure that the website meets its purpose in the target country.

What is the difference between localization and translation?

Translation is the conversion of a document from one language to another so that the reader can understand the website´s content. Localization is a deeper process creating a document that was written specifically for the target audience. This may mean changing cultural, religious or political links, replacing images, and even changing logos in some circumstances.