Education, Professional CV Translations

Education, Professional CV Translations - specializations translation and interpretation

Translations for educational institutions, students

Education is an important requirement for anybody nowadays, it can be obtained at school and college. Also, training and development has become an integral part of many companies and organizations. However, educational resources do not exist for many languages, which leads to the need for educational translation around the world.

Scheller Translations has extensive experience in educational translation projects, from translating academic resources for schools and colleges to translating training materials for business and government organizations. During thos translation projects the emphasis is placed on the adaptation of each translation in accordance with the cultural context of the target language / region. Thus, each educational translation project that comes to Scheller Translations is handled by an expert in that field.

Textbook Translation

Scheller Translations recognizes that there is a need for textbook translation, given that many textbooks are available in a limited number of languages. This limits the learning opportunities for people who need to refer to specific books, which, unfortunately, are not available in a language they understand. Therefore, we are trying to fill this gap by offering textbook translation services for a large number of areas and languages.

Our translation team consists of language translation experts from various fields and the result of our work has an authentic local flavour for the desired language pair at affordable prices.

Translation of diplomas, dissertations

Our team provides translation services for those applying for work in foreign countries or for education at foreign universities.

Diplomas are valuable documents and confirm your qualifications. Depending on whether you plan to continue your education or career, you may well need a document translation service if your target institution or company is located in a country where your native language is not primary.

Due to the value of the diploma and dissertation, it is necessary to ensure its translation with maximum accuracy so that the target reader can understand it without difficulties or doubts about your qualifications.