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Subtitling in films and media

As a translation agency with many years of experience, we offer the service of embedding subtitles in accordance with generally accepted principles for the translation of video content. Subtitling and dubbing feature films, commercials or documentaries requires the translator to have professional knowledge and an understanding of the cultural, political or historical context. Vocabulary and humour should be understandable to the spectator and adapted to the plot of the movie. Therefore, these translations require patience and dedication.

To get started with a contract the translator gets acquainted with the nature of the recording. Then he goes to its beginning and creates subtitles for the parts that are subsequently listened to. Minute by minute, the audible text is analysed and a translation is created into the target language. Then the text is divided into segments and lines of appropriate length, adapting their structure to the rules prevailing in cinematography. The last step is to adjust the subtitles. The translator adjusts the duration of the subtitles in accordance with the needs of the viewer and the limitations associated with the structure of the film.

By default, we create subtitles in accordance with generally accepted principles:

  • line length does not exceed 42 characters,
  • the inscription has no more than 2 lines,
  • reading speed should not exceed 17 characters / sec.

For many years, our customers trust us with audio and video translations with complete confidence. Why? We professionally carry out our work, which guarantees the preservation of the essence of the video.

Translation of film audio-visual material

Translation of audio-visual material requires much more work and time than any other type of translation. While in traditional translations the source text of a text editor is enough to process it, the process of translating a movie is much more complicated. To translate a video well, a translator must know at the very beginning the essence of the film.

For short videos, this analysis is relatively easy to do. Problems arise while translating longer materials. Moreover, in the case of audio-visual translations, all content should be divided so that the recipients do not have problems with their assimilation. The correct choice of words and the length of verses are of great importance and affect the perception of material.

Another difficulty is the placement of the subtitles so that they do not interfere with the perception of the video stream. Nevertheless, “Scheller Translations”, working in a team with specialists from different fields, can provide the high quality translations of videos.