Gas & Oil Industry

Gas & Oil Industry - specializations translation and interpretation

Translations in the field of geology and the fuel and energy complex.

Our team consists of highly qualified philologists and specialists in the field of chemical, biological, physical and technical sciences. We maintain constant cooperation with experts in the field of geology and the fuel and energy complex. Their experience, competence, knowledge of formal and legal geotechnical standards and special skills mean that we can offer you fully professional translations directly or indirectly related to this industry. Satisfying demanding customers is the main principle that guides us in our business. We are sure that cooperation with Scheller Translations will bring tangible benefits to you and become an invaluable experience for us.

Extensive subject area of ​​translations in the oil and gas industry

“Scheller Translations” offers a wide range of directions that we translate, not only in the oil and gas industry, but also in related fields. Our specialists, qualified in certain areas, are engaged in professional translation of texts related to:

  • geophysics,
  • geotechnics,
  • engineering geology,
  • reservoir geology,
  • stratigraphy,
  • sedimentology,
  • petrography.

Due to the wide scope of the field, our translation offer stands out in terms of a wide range of services, forms and types of materials ordered for us for translation. We deal with both official legal documentation as well as commercial texts.
To meet your expectations, we work and specialize on:

  • scientific publications, including articles in scientific journals, monographs, candidate and doctoral dissertations,
  • articles published in industry magazines and entries posted on blogs and on specialized sites,
  • texts on the oil and gas industry in historical terms and describing processes and recent discoveries in this field,
  • statistical materials, databases, lists and charts – maintaining the original graphic layout or in accordance with the editorial requirements of the client.