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Legal translations

Work in the field of legal services affects not only countless procedures and processes, but first of all the lives of people. In this area of ​​translation, you need to understand how important the choice of the right words or phrases can be. Translation experts at Scheller Translations are familiar with the legal system, which means that thanks to our language solutions you can focus on what is the main subject of your work.

Regardless of whether you need to translate contracts, the content of laws and regulations, court orders or provide translation services during litigation, the specialists at Scheller Translations will be at your disposal.

Our team is well versed in the specifics of legal texts. We can translate the text in a way  to preserve both the word and the spirit of the original in the translation. When translating legal texts and documents, we strictly comply with the requirements of the editorial staff and execution.

Confidentiality is our priority when working with texts for customers from any industry. We effectively cooperate with official bodies at the international and local levels, EU agencies, banks and well-known law firms.

“Scheller Translations” offers language translations for the legal services sector in many European language combinations. Thus, companies and institutions associated with legal services and the judicial system usually need certified translations. Our sworn translators will take care of all types of documents and their projects – court decisions, notifications, statements and powers of attorney. We will also translate other documents closely related to your work, such as expert opinions, final statements, laws and regulations.

During many events, such as mediation, court hearings or business meetings, we provide assistance in interpretation, simultaneous or consecutive interpretation.