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Literary translations

Literary translations are perhaps the most difficult area of ​​language translations. This is because literature art pieces are immersed into the culture of the place where they come from, or the place that they portray. This creates significant problems while translating them into another language. But “Scheller Translations” copes with difficulties and continues to fulfil its mission providing the complete language translation services, so translation of the literature text is well adapted and message is conveyed.

The literary translation team consists of professionals and has significant practical experience, which allows us to provide high-quality translations of novels, poems, plays, scripts for many language pairs.

At Scheller Translations, we value the delicacy of a literary translation project and the fact that those art pieces can lose a lot in translation. Therefore, to ensure quality, the literature translation project is adjusted by a professional translator, and not by those who worked on the project. You can get the best translation offer for your literary translation project right now by listing a few details in the top menu.