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Government translations

Growing globalization has prompted people to seek work and settle in foreign countries that differ in language, culture, habits and many other aspects. In most cities and industrial areas, you can find a significant number of immigrants who do not understand the local language well. This creates many problems for a link between the government and the immigrant population. However, the government cannot turn a blind eye to its immigrant population, and therefore rely on translation service providers to translate government documents into languages ​​that are understood by their immigrant population.

Scheller Translations provides professional translation services to government agencies, and our translators will provide high-quality translations for government projects covering, in particular, the social, medical, legal, business and financial sectors.

Translations in the field of pharmacology and health

A good sign of a modern time is that people are more and more concerned about their health. But along with this, we also have to worry about existing widespread unhealthy habits, such as mass consumption of junk food, alcohol and other drugs, smoking, lack of exercise and health problems associated with work. Most current diseases, called lifestyle diseases, are also the result of a lack of information that can be dealt with by fitness and health literature based on recent research.

However, most of this information is published in only a few major languages, such as English. Health agencies in different parts of the world can do much better and better by providing medical literature to people in their native languages.